Hualapai Mountain Park

Only about 15 miles south of downtown Kingman Az, is a 2300 acres park with elevations ranging from 4984 to 8417 feet called Hualapai Mountain Park.  This gem of a park is a suburb of the city of Kingman and even unknown by some of the local residents that we spoke to.  The real reason that we love this park is it is less than a 2 hour drive from our home and during the hot summer months this area can be 20 or more degrees cooler than our hot Havasu desert sun.  This last weekend when we went to escape the heat; our home already was hitting 106 degrees while we enjoyed 80 degree days at the park.  (Yes it is only the beginning of May)

The Park offers Cabins, Teepees, Dry camping, picnic areas and about 10 miles of Hiking Trails.  In reality when you live in the desert and the heat is getting to you, a day or two surrounded by pine trees is a wonderful and welcome change.

The park does have its share of wildlife.

Some of the view can be breathtaking.

The Hiking Paths are always enjoyable.


Every year we seem to go and enjoy the park several times during the hot summer months.  We have even visited a few times when there has been a dusting of snow on the ground.  Keep in mind that this is a smaller local park nothing compared to the size of some of the National Parks that we visit.  However, to get away for a weekend stress free, this is a great local option.

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