Mexican Hat Trail “Turtle Mountains”

Mexican Hat Trail located in the Turtle Mountains is one of our favorite local hikes.  This trail is a very short trip from our home and to date we have never crossed paths with anyone on our hike.

From CA 95 headed south from Needles, CA.  Take Turtle Mountain Road.  Follow the Dirt road to the end where it meets “Lisa Dawn Camp”.  This is a 4 wheel drive road, however it is not difficult any anyway and can be traveled easily with any vehicle (that has some clearance).  You will cross 2 washes that can be sandy so be prepared. Having 4 wheel drive is a good precaution, but not necessary.

The Turtle Mountain National Natural Landmark is an area of land recognized for its exceptional geological value and held in high spiritual value by the Native American Tribes of the Southwest. Mexican Hat Trail is a small portion of the greater trail which for centuries has linked travelers to the Colorado River.

The Hike that we do is a loop which walks around the “Hat” and back to your original starting location.  This hike is approximately 4.5 miles, however I consider the hike easy, yet rewarding.

Start of the hike leaving Lisa Dawn Camp.


As you proceed you can view the top of the “Hat”.



The Trail has clear markers that will help guide your way.  However keep in mind that you are walking around the hat so follow the trail and walk around.


Once you get on the back side of the “Hat” you look directly at Turtle Mountain.


This will put you at the top of a ridge that will look directly down on your starting point.  I always find it amazing that we never feel like we hiked a lot of elevation, however the view at the top is impressive.


If you are a “Rock Hound” you will find a lot of minerals in this area and we never seem to leave with our pockets empty.


We love this Hike! It is easy, yet always give us a sense of accomplishment.


Lisa, John and a dog named Blue…

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