DESERT BAR “Nellie E Saloon”

Located 5 miles off the Cienega Springs Rd exit on Hwy-95, approximately 5 miles north of Parker, Arizona is the Desert Bar, “Nellie E Saloon”. This is a unique attraction just outside of Parker worth the stop for everyone. So Bring your friends.

For many years we would hear how we needed to go to the desert bar.  Little explanation was given other than “you have to check it out”.  Well, they were right, and I think that if you have the means you should check it out too.

The road going in is dirt and mostly unmaintained.  Most people insist on driving their buggies, or 4X4s however many mini vans and compact cars where seen in the parking lot.  The bar draws a crowd.  If going, expect to travel slow (5 miles an hour) following the line of vehicles going to the establishment. However, take your time you won’t be disappointed.

The Desert Bar is open October thru April, Saturdays and Sundays . The Bar is closed during the hot summer months.  After all the Bar is located outside in the hot Arizona desert.

This is an amazing site to see.  The structures have been evolving over the years and the bar continues to take shape.

Due to the remote location the owner has installed an impressive collection of solar panels to power the location.

The Bar brings in many people and I have never visited the site when it wasn’t crowded.

The building are unique, every part of the surroundings are worth taking a look.

Even Blue enjoyed the day!

I didn’t want to write a review of a “business” however, I feel that The Desert Bar is becoming a Arizona Landmark.  This is a truly excellent experience that I would recommend; not to mention that the food is excellent, the entertainment is great, drinks are cold and the atmosphere is amazing.

Please visit for more info.

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