When History is History

Some people see an old pile of sticks. Others see a past that can never be forgotten.  Sadly these historical landmarks are exactly that, forgotten. I am not speaking about mainstream national treasures that are the backbone of our country or even the controversy of the daily news.   Simple abandoned buildings in the middle of nowhere that show a different struggle; that of ordinary people trying to make a living.  When these mining shacks are gone they can’t be replaced.  Time is short for old building like this, take the time to go out and see them before they are gone.

In the Turtle Mountain Wilderness, located in the Southern Mojave deserts, (was), The Lost Arch Historic Mining Camp.

Latitude:  34°26’9.65″N
Longitude: 114°49’27.14″W

DIRECTIONS – From Needles, CA, take U.S. Highway 95 south approx. 20 miles to BLM Route NS434 – Turtle Mountain Road. Turn right on NS434 and drive approx. 10 miles to BLM Route NS477 – Lost Arch Inn Road. Veer left onto NS477 and drive approx. 1 miles to BLM Route NS480 – Browns Camp Trail. Turn left onto NS480 and drive approx. 2 miles to the Lost Arch Inn.

Photo taken January, 2012

As you can see the site is beginning to collapse

November, 2017


The site still has lots of history to explore.  In the surrounding area is a junk yard full of old cars, the remains of the old mining operation, as well as the old mine itself.   As the years progress wind, rain and and the desert sun will surely take what is left of the old building.  Many sites like this are around the country and are disappearing with each passing day.  Check them out before they are gone…


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